Myles Jack Smells Success With Homemade Candle Business

Myles Jack Smells Success With Homemade Candle Business

As an NFL linebacker Myles Jack is nimble, and Myles Jack is quick. Jack's homemade candles are a business hit. According to an interview Myles had with USA Today, he is "overwhelmed by orders" for his homemade hand poured candles.


Jack told USA Today about how the business venture got started, “I always take baths with candles … so I made my own little lavender candle. I lit it, and I was reading in the bath, and I was like, ‘Oh, OK. This candle’s actually all right.’” He was also inspired by the Microsoft commercial featuring Titan's players Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo starting a cupcake business.

Jack was the butt of a few jokes by many of his teammates, notably Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey, when he began the candle business. Now, he says they want a piece of the pie. "Some people tried to partner up with me on the business, and some people were giving me ideas. I’m like, ‘No, you were being haters at first. Now you want to team up with me.’ It's just funny how they switched from one side to the other," he said via USA Today.

His personal favorite scent is Summer Rain, but he also has: Lavender, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Hawaii.


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