Sportsbook sets lines for every 2019 NFL regular season game

Sportsbook sets lines for every 2019 NFL regular season game

OTA's are well underway and I personally believe that means it's the perfect time to go ahead and look ahead to the 2019 NFL Regular Season, after all its just a little over three months away. CG Technology is the first book to put out odds for the entire regular season, save week 17 as it can be a crapshoot from a week away and even more so before June.

As for the Jaguars, in Nine of the 15 shown spreads they are listed as underdogs. The Jags are favored in Three match-ups and their remaining three games are listed as a "pick-em'". The Jaguars home game vs. the Jets is the one they are favored the heaviest in at -4, and their road game at the Colts has them as the biggest underdog of the year at -6.5. The three games listed as a pick em' are Oakland, Cincinnati, and the home game vs Houston.


I know Jags fan's, I know. "We signed Nick Foles and our defense is the best, this is blasphemous!" These odds are projected with an advanced algorithm with the sole purpose of getting bettors to put the same amount of money on both sides. You disagree? Put some money where your mouth is friend, this is America!

For the record, in 2017 when the Jaguars won the AFC South at 10-6 and went on to play in the AFC Championship, most books had them favored to win between 4 and 5 games that season. Here is a more detailed look at each individual week's spreads.


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