Former Hurricane Alonzo Highsmith Gives True Meaning of "Swag"

Former Hurricane RB Alonzo Highsmith Gives True Meaning of "Swag"

On Friday Afternoon Alonzo Highsmith had a quote in an article written by Bruce Feldman of The Athletic in which he gave the true definition of what it means to have "Swag". The former Hurricane played at Miami from 1983-1986 before being selected #3 overall in the 1987 NFL Draft.

In the article titled: "At Miami, the Search For Lost Swag", Highsmith said, "It's never missing a practice. It's practicing like every day is your last day. You don't get swag because of a haircut. Or because you pound your chest or because someone said you were a five-star. Swag is something that is earned.

Highsmith now serves as the VP of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns, but it is clear he hopes to see the swag return to The U with the recent hiring of Head Coach Manny Diaz.

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