John Daly allowed to use cart for PGA Championship

John Daly has received approval from the PGA of America to use a cart to play in next week's PGA Championship.

Daly, who won the 1991 PGA Championship and is exempt for the rest of his playing career, has a bum knee, and Bethpage is no place for a bum knee.

"I hope I don't get a lot of grief from the fans,"Daly told the AP. "My knee is screwed. I had the meniscus cut out. I have osteoarthritis so bad ... I can walk up a hill, I just can't walk down one."

There is major championship precedent here, although not for Daly and not at a PGA Championship. Casey Martin famously used a cart in multiple U.S. Opens in his career. Daly has also used a cart but not at a major and not on the PGA Tour at all.

The PGA of America said Daly applied to use a cart through its Americans with Disabilities Act policy and provided "the requisite information to allow for a review of his request by the PGA's medical team."

"The request was reviewed and approved," the PGA said in a statement.

Now Daly will try and improve what has been a lousy major run of late. He hasn't made a cut at a major anywhere since 2012 and only has one made cut at PGA Championships since 2008. 

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