Hurricane Fans Spray Paint Message on a Gainesville Wall

Hurricane Fans Spray Paint Message on a Gainesville Wall

The Gainesville Graffiti wall on 34th street has a few new decorations thanks to a group of Miami Hurricanes fans. The 1,120 foot wall now has a message reading "Gators Suck" with the "U" in suck being a spray painted version of the U logo.

This proves the age old point that you literally can't spell 'Suck' without the U as many rivals of the Hurricanes have pointed out since seemingly the dawn of College Football trash talking time.


I get it thought. It's early May. Football seems like it could not be farther away, and some people just like to shake things up a bit. The message is simple, straight forward, and they not so subtly tell you exactly where it came from. Miami does lead the all-time series 29-26, and they've won 7 of the last 8 meetings between the two schools. So sure, you have the bragging rights.

But, I feel like I can't finish this story without pointing out how much of a douche you look like saying 'check mate' in the tweet. Like OK, buddy, I get it. You have spray paint and you're not afraid to walk up in Gainesville with your bros and tag the big wall with your message. But I just can't help but cringe at that comment. What is that? Checkmate? (Actually one word by the way) Florida might as well not even show up in Orlando for their opener vs Miami on August 24th this year. Captain Graffiti has already called it a game.


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