Five NFL Rule Changes For 2019

Five NFL Rule Changes For 2019

Tuesday marked the annual NFL Coaches Meeting, and as usual, there were a few rule changes that will be implemented or made permanent in the 2019 season. The changes are being made in an effort to reduce unnecessary and brutal hits during kickoffs.

  1. All players on the kickoff team besides the kicker must remain stationary until the ball is kicked.
  2. 8 of the 11 players on the kickoff team must be lined up within 15 yards of the ball.
  3. Blocking in the setup zone by the return team on kickoffs will not be allowed until the ball is caught or hits the ground.
  4. Permanently disallowing the technique to form a wedge between two or more players as a wall of blockers on the receiving team.
  5. Kickoff teams must have 5 mean on each side of the ball (the kicker may be on either side)

Update at 8:00 PM on Tuesday: The league has passed a new rule to allow challenges to Pass Interference and calls and non-calls



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