Tim Tebow Will Host CBS's Million Dollar Mile

Tim Tebow Will Host CBS's Million Dollar Mile

Tim Tebow is still on track to begin the 2019 baseball season in Triple-A Syracuse. But the multi-talented Heisman winner had an opportunity to host Million Dollar Mile on CBS, and he chose to take capitalize on it. The show, produced by LeBron James, Will Premiere on Wednesday March 27th at 9:00 EST and will be a reality show where contestants run an obstacle course for a chance to win $1 million.


All 10 episodes for the first season have already been filmed so Tebow will be free to focus on baseball, but as a lover of competition and underdog stories he was locked in while hosting the upcoming series.

"If I was being totally honest, I was rooting for the runners and their amazing stories,"Tebow said via CBSSports.com. "So many just have amazing backgrounds and inspirations and what they want do with the money. It pulls at the heartstrings ... I've always been that way. I'll root for all of the underdogs, the 16 seeds, the Cinderella stories."


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