Someone Returned a Lost Wallet After Adding Money to It

If you lose your wallet and get it back, you fully expect the cash to be gone.  And that's okay.  You're just glad your ID and credit cards are still there.  But you never expect anything like this to happen . . .

A 20-year-old guy named Hunter Shamatt flew to Las Vegas for a wedding this month and left his wallet on the plane.  It had his license, debit card, $60 cash, and a signed paycheck in it.  And he assumed it was all gone.

But then a few days later, his wallet was delivered to his house by FedEx, along with a note from the guy who found it.  And everything was still in there . . . plus an EXTRA $40 in cash.

The note said the guy found the wallet on the plane, wedged in a seat.  And he rounded the cash up to $100, just so Hunter could, quote, "celebrate getting [his] wallet back."

The letter was signed with the initials "TB."  And somehow, Hunter was able to track the guy down online and thank him.

His name is Todd Brown.  He told Yahoo News that he almost gave the wallet to a flight attendant, but wanted to make sure Hunter got it back.  So he mailed it himself.

He said it, quote, "always feels good to do the right thing."  And he hopes it reminds people that "it's really not that hard to be a good person." 


(Here's the note.)

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