A&E's Docuseries "The Clinton Affair"

MONICA LEWINSKY hasn't always been willing to rehash her affair with PRESIDENT CLINTON . . . but she spilled her guts for the new A&E docuseries, "The Clinton Affair".

She even went into great detail about the creation of the most famous clothing stain in American history.

It was 1997, not long after Clinton won re-election.  He invited her to a White House radio address.  Bill's personal secretary Betty Currie brought Monica into the Oval Office, but then she went into another room.

Apparently, Betty was there to create the ILLUSION that Bill and Monica weren't alone.  Bill gave Monica some presents, including a "really beautiful" copy of Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass".

Then they went into the bathroom, where, quote, "There was some attention paid on me and then I was reciprocating."

Monica says that up until that point, Bill had always, quote, "stopped before completion."  But she told him she wanted to, quote, "move past that stage," and he agreed.  So it happened.

At the time, neither of them noticed that Bill had made an impression on Monica's dress.  They hugged and parted ways. 

Monica even went to dinner with friends that night, and she says, quote, "None of these people said to me, 'Hey, you've got to go to the bathroom, you've got stuff all over your dress.'"

Monica didn't notice the stain until she tried it on later for her friend LINDA TRIPP.  In her 1998 grand jury testimony, she says she initially thought it could be, quote, "spinach dip or something."

Obviously, she and Linda figured out what it REALLY was, and the rest is history.

Monica also says that if she ever ran into HILLARY CLINTON, she would tell her, quote, "how very sorry I am."  And she admitted to having suicidal thoughts in the early days of the scandal.

"The Clinton Affair" airs in six parts on A&E, beginning this Sunday.  

(Here's a preview . . . and here's a clip of Monica talking about being suicidal.)

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