Christina Aguilera Got Denied by Bar Band

CHRISTINA AGUILERA did a show at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans on Friday night.  The night before, she hit a bar in town where a band was playing.

Christina thought it would be fun to jam with the band, but when she went up and asked to sing, she was DENIED.  Someone got video, and to her credit, Christina took it like a champ.

She just said, "It's okay," and let them do their thing.  

(Here's the video)

Christina must not have been embarrassed about it, because she told the story at her concert the next night.  She said, quote, "The guy from the band would not . . . give up his mic.  He was older and he wasn't feeling it . . .

"It's ok, I'm just gonna have to part ways, be on my little merry way, find somewhere else to go." 

 (Here's video.)

The band leader contacted a local TV station and said it was simply a misunderstanding because he didn't recognize her.  Obviously, he wishes he'd handled it differently and wants her to come back to sing with him, now that he knows who she is.

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