Joe Perry from Aerosmith Collapsed

JOE PERRY from AEROSMITH was hospitalized on Saturday after collapsing backstage at a BILLY JOEL concert in New York City.  It happened in his dressing room after he'd performed "Walk This Way" on stage.  

(Here's video.)

He was taken out on a stretcher . . . and paramedics gave him oxygen and even inserted a tracheal tube down his throat. 

It's unclear what's wrong, but TMZ claims he's had "breathing issues for the last few weeks," and that he's been suffering some kind of congestion in his lungs.

Perry's reps say he's, quote, "alert and responsive," and is under medical supervision.  For the record, Joe is 68.  He also collapsed at a Hollywood Vampires show two years ago, due to "dehydration and exhaustion."

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