Ariana Grande is "Billboard's" Woman of the Year

ARIANA GRANDE has been named "Billboard's" Woman of the Year for 2018 . . . joining previous winners that include Selena Gomez, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift.

She'll be honored December 6th at the Billboard Women in Music dinner.

"Billboard" says Ariana won the award because she finally smartened up and dumped PETE DAVIDSON.  Okay, I made that up.  But I wouldn't be surprised.

Here's what they actually said . . . quote, "Ariana Grande is a star on her own terms, never bending to any particular musical trend or path in the industry.

"Certain in her convictions, she consistently stands up for herself and her decisions in a world that often isn't hospitable to that sort of strength in young women.

"She's got guts, she's making some of the best music of her career and she's absolutely deserving of Woman of the Year."


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