A Delta Passenger Finds Poop on His Seat

It's been a while since we've had a ridiculous airline story in the news, well here you go!

A guy named Matthew Meehan was flying from Atlanta to Miami last week on Delta.  But when he got to his seat, he smelled something FOUL.  When he looked down, he saw a bunch of POOP . . . and it had gotten all over his shoes and pants.

He told the flight attendants, and they said they'd reported it to the cleaning crew earlier.  But since the crew hadn't cleaned it . . . oh well.  They gave him two paper towels and a tiny bottle of gin and told him to clean himself off.

He complained to a manager, who said the same thing:  It's not our fault, it was the cleaning crew's fault.  That's not true, by the way, and they're supposed to use a biohazard kit.  But in the moment, they told Matthew either sit in it, or get off the plane.

So where did the poop come from?  Matthew got three different stories from different crew members:  A German shepherd . . . a golden retriever puppy . . . or an old man.

Now that Matthew's story is spreading, Delta apologized to him, and to make things right, they've offered him . . . a whopping 50,000 frequent flier miles.  He's thinking about taking legal action. 


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