The How Strict Were Your Parents Test

Different parents have different rules around Halloween.  Like limiting how much candy kids can have, or letting them trick-or-treat on their own.  But how strict were your parents in GENERAL when you were a kid?

About 50,000 people recently took a survey online.  

Here are seven questions to help figure out how strict your parents were compared to everyone else's . . .

1.  Did they ever ground you?  Only 54% of people said they got grounded as a kid.

2.  Did they limit your TV or Internet hours?  44% said yes. 

3.  Were you allowed to watch R-rated movies?  56% of us were.

4.  Did you have to be in bed by a certain time when you were in elementary school?  81% of us did.  And 30% also had a set bedtime in high school.

5.  Were you allowed to swear in front of your parents?  Only 19% said yes. 

6.  Did you have to make your bed every morning?  28% of us did.

7.  If you just CLAIMED you were sick, would they let you stay home from school?  42% said yes.  58% said they had to be VERY sick to stay home. 


Helicopter Parents

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