Free Halloween Costumes From Generous Family

Halloween costumes don't HAVE to be expensive, but most of them are.  And if you've got two or three kids, it gets pricey.  Which is why this is so great . . .

There's a couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma named Emily and Richie Bolusky who LOVE Halloween, and really get into it.

And a few years ago, it broke their heart when a little girl showed up trick-or-treating WITHOUT a costume, because her parents couldn't afford one.

So their 9-year-old daughter immediately ran and got an old costume she wanted to GIVE the girl.  And it inspired something pretty cool.

In 2016, they set up a makeshift costume shop in their driveway, where any kid could come and pick out a costume for FREE.

They called it "Myriam Poppins' Costume Closet" after a friend named Myriam who helped organize the whole thing.  And they gave away about 150 costumes that year, including some they bought themselves, and some that were donated.

Last year, they did it again and gave out about 175 costumes.  And this year, they've got about FIVE HUNDRED free costumes available. 

(Inside Edition / Facebook)

(Here are some photos.)

(And here's an interview they did last year.)

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