"The Conners" Did Okay in the Ratings

Did you watch the premiere of "The Conners"?  

You were probably watching the Brewers like the rest of us, well, "The Conners" did okay in the ratings on Tuesday night.  It averaged 10.6 million viewers, although that number might climb a bit once DVR and delayed viewing are factored in.

There are two ways to look at that. 

On one hand, it was exactly where "Roseanne" left off this past spring, when 10.6 million people watched the season finale on May 22nd.  But it was DOWN from last season's premiere, which attracted 18.4 million viewers.

Some might say that it's down because ROSEANNE BARR isn't on the show anymore, but it's hard to make a direct correlation . . . because last season, it was coming back after being off the air for 21 years. 

And this season, it was coming back after being off the air for five months.

The big question is, now that the hype / curiosity factor is gone, where will the ratings settle in?  And whatever that number is, it'll be hard to say whether or not it would've been better off WITH or WITHOUT Roseanne.

(If you care, here's an interview with Sara Gilbert, and here's video of some other cast members on "GMA".)

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