Oprah Winfrey Scared Herself By WebMD'ing

By now, everyone knows that going on WebMD is trouble . . . because no matter what your symptoms are, it'll make you think you have cancer.

But the Internet is cheaper and more convenient than a doctor, so we STILL find ourselves going down that rabbit hole . . . and even OPRAH does it.

Oprah said she recently noticed that her lymph nodes were really swollen, so she Googled it, and naturally she was alarmed by what she saw.  But she also did what you're SUPPOSED to do:  She went to the doctor.

It turned out her salivary glands were just blocked.  She told her to drink water and suck on some lemons to stimulate her salivary ducts.

And it WORKED . . . the swelling was better the next day, and it was pretty much gone the day after that.

Oprah said it made her appreciate her body more, and not to take her health for granted.  And even though she didn't say it, she was probably also reminded that the Internet is not the best place to find sound medical advice. 

(There's video of Oprah telling the story on OprahMag.com.)

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