A New Strip Club's Called the "Emergency Room"

This is either great marketing or TERRIBLE marketing:  There's a new strip club going up in San Antonio, Texas called the Emergency Room Gentlemen's Club.

And some people, including the local government, REALLY don't like that name . . . because they think it could be CONFUSING.

Like, if someone is having chest pains, and they plug "emergency room" into Google Maps, they could end up accidentally driving to this strip club. 

But . . . there's nothing the city can really do about it.  It's totally within the club's legal rights to go with that name.

So it looks like their plan is just to make life miserable for the club.  The place hasn't even opened yet and the city is already going after the owner about missing permits to put up a sign. 

(CBS 5 - San Antonio

(Here's a picture of the sign.)

The Emergency Room Strip Club

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