Vegas Shooting Survivors "Take Back That Date"

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded.  But one couple who lived through it didn't want October 1st to always remind them of the worst day of their lives . . .

Todd Wienke and Oshia Collins-Waters were at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival together when the shooting started.  And Todd was hit three times while shielding her from the bullets . . . once in the back, once in the arm, and once in his left side.

Thankfully, they both survived.  Todd still deals with pain from leftover shrapnel in his body.  And Oshia was diagnosed with PTSD.  But they refuse to let that one day define the rest of their lives.

So instead of just going back over it in their heads yesterday . . . they decided to get MARRIED in the same city where the shooting happened.

Todd proposed to her 12 days after the shooting.  And they both immediately said the wedding HAD to be in Vegas, and it HAD to be on October 1st.

They have kids, and didn't want them to always remember it as the day their parents almost died.  So they decided to, quote, "[take] back that date," and turn it into a GREAT day for their family instead of a tragic one. 

(ABC News / Daily Mail)

(Here's a photo.)

Vegas Shooting Survivors Todd Wienke and Oshia Collins-Waters

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