Common Crimes You've Committed | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

Over 150,000 people took an online poll about small crimes everyone commits.  And the stats are interesting.  How many of these crimes have YOU committed?

1.  Have you ever jaywalked?  90% of people said they have.

2.  Have you ever rolled through a stop sign?  Only 51% said yes.  (Liars!)

3.  Do you ever speed?  Only 67% said yes.  So 33% of us have NEVER broken the speed limit?  (Yeah, I'm really not buying that one either.)

4.  Have you ever used someone else's WiFi without their permission?  Like if it wasn't password protected?  35% of us have done it.

5.  Have you pirated music, or illegally downloaded a movie?  78% said yes.  Also, 18% said they've used someone else's Netflix account without their knowledge.

6.  Have you ever done a "double feature," where you pay for a movie at the theater, then stay and sneak into a second one?  22% of us have done it.

7.  Did you ever drink underage?  72% said yes.

8.  Have you ever been paid under the table?  41% said they have.

9.  Have you ever asked for a water cup at a fast food place, then filled it with soda?  33% of us admit to doing it.  


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