Six Things You Should Not Keep in Your Wallet

Here are six things you should never keep in your wallet or purse . . .

1.  A list of your passwords.  If you write your passwords down, it might SEEM safer to keep the list in your wallet than next to your computer at home.  But you're a lot more likely to have your purse or wallet stolen than your home broken into.

2.  Identifying documents.  Like your social security card or passport.  Unless you're traveling, the only identifying document you should carry with you is a driver's license or state ID card.

3.  Your debit card or a bunch of cash.  The idea is that if your debit card gets stolen and the person is somehow able to use it at the ATM, that money could be gone for good.  Unlike a credit card, which lets you dispute fraudulent charges.

4.  Gift cards.  It can be nearly impossible to get the balance back if they're lost or stolen, so only bring them when you're heading to that specific store.

5.  Membership and loyalty cards.  Just like gift cards, you should only bring them if you know you're going to use them.  It's not as risky as identifying documents or bank info, but a thief can easily drain your reward points if they get a hold of your card.

6.  Old receipts.  If someone who steals your wallet gets a hold of your receipts, they could use them to know where you shop.  And fraudulent purchases would be less likely to be denied at a store you frequent.  So either keep your receipts organized at home or throw them out.

(Business Insider)

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