Hanson Has a Younger Brother | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

If you were a DIEHARD fan of HANSON in the '90s, you might remember this from the teen magazines:  The three boys actually have FOUR more younger siblings.  And now, one of them is making his musical debut.

His name is Joshua Mackenzie, and he's 24 . . . eight years younger than the youngest Hanson member, ZAC.  He usually goes by 'Mac,' but his band is called JOSHUA & THE HOLY ROLLERS.

They just released their debut single, "Hey Hey".  It's the first track from an upcoming EP called "Tribulations", which will be out sometime later this year.

Mac says he was always passionate about music, but never really ventured into making his own . . . because it was his brothers' thing, and he was worried about people saying he was just riding their coattails.

But things changed after a camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  He said, quote, "I was sitting on top of a rock watching the sun fall behind mountains, playing guitar and writing music, and just felt an up-swell in my soul.

"I stood on top of this rock, ripped off my shirt and yelled into the distance, 'I'm [effing] loud.  Deal with it!'  [I'd] been told to use my inside voice my entire life.  I'm big and loud and there's a certain identity there that I hadn't come to terms with."   

The oldest Hanson brother ISAAC was his biggest supporter . . . Mac says he helped him with vocal lessons and recording.  Also, Mac is friends with Johnny Galecki from "The Big Bang Theory", and he helped him with the music video.

Joshua & the Holy Rollers sounds a LOT different than Hanson.  "Billboard" describes his sound as "soulful and gritty, with smooth rocker vibes," and on "Hey Hey" he sings about the "dark sides of temptation."  

\(Here's the video.)

Speaking of Hanson, Taylor Hanson joined us at the Wisconsin State Fair the day of their show, as well as their biggest fan, Katie from Racine.  We talked about everything from Cream Puffs to Christmas, even played "Which Hanson?"


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