Will Smith Bungee Jumped For His 50th Birthday

WILL SMITH turned 50 years old yesterday, and he celebrated by trying to GIVE HIMSELF A HEART ATTACK.

Will bungee jumped . . . into the Grand Canyon . . . from a HELICOPTER.

Say what you want about the Fresh Prince, but this is a level of terror that people wouldn't wish on their worst enemy . . . and Will did it voluntarily.

Thankfully, there's video, and it does a great job showing how crazy this is.  For starters, while the helicopter took off and flew into position over the Grand Canyon, Will had to be HANGING OUTSIDE it, just standing on the landing skids.

Then, even after the jump, he spent a while being flung around the Canyon . . . without a helmet, clinging to the bungee.  He was yelling about how "gorgeous" everything was . . . maybe in case those were his last words.

A bunch of onlookers were there to watch him, including his family and ALFONSO RIBEIRO, who was hosting the live stream.


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