The Cast of "This Is Us" Got Raises | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

"This Is Us" has been a sensation since Day One, and now the cast is being rewarded.  The "Hollywood Reporter" says that the five main stars got massive pay raises for Season Three, which premiered last night.

Milo Ventimiglia(Jack), Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Sterling K. Brown (Randall), Chrissy Metz (Kate), and Justin Hartley(Kevin) will make $250,000 per episode, or roughly $4.5 million per season.

So they're all making the same amount now . . . but they weren't before.  For example, Milo had been making $115,000 per episode, while Justin earned $75,000, and Chrissy was only getting $40,000 an episode. 

They didn't say what Mandy and Sterling were getting, but since they were slightly bigger names, their paychecks might have been closer to Milo's.

It's unclear whether or not Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) and Chris Sullivan (Toby) also got new contracts.

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