McDonald's Just Changed Their Apple Pies | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

You've probably been eating McDonald's apple pies since you were a kid.  And first off . . . considering how bad they are for you, congrats on still being alive.  Second off . . . they probably make you VERY nostalgic.

Which is why this is NOT going over well.  McDonald's just made some pretty BIG changes to their apple pies.

The pies now have a new "lattice crust" on top . . . so instead of being totally covered with dough, now it criss-crosses on top.  And the pies also have new ingredients, including more cinnamon and less sugar.

And people are not exactly thrilled.  One person tweeted, quote, "They are horrible now." 

Another person tweeted, quote, "My cravings were disrespected today." 

But McDonald's isn't backpedaling.  They swear that people will grow to love the new pies even more.  And they also pointed out it's not the first time they changed the recipe:  In 1992, they switched from deep frying them to baking them. 


(Here's the new pie.)

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