Machine Gun Kelly Fooled a Crowd | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

MACHINE GUN KELLY apparently TRICKED a crowd into giving the finger to EMINEM during a show in Orlando on Sunday night.

Kelly was opening for FALL OUT BOY, and it sounds like their fans weren't really into him.  Especially after he used them.

According to people who were there, he asked everyone to flip the bird.  Then he turned his back to the audience and took off his jacket.  Underneath, he was wearing a shirt with the logo from his Eminem diss track "Rap Devil" on it.

Someone in his crew took a picture of him like that, wearing his shirt with the audience flipping the bird behind him.  He posted it on Instagram and captioned it, "He missed," which is a dig at Eminem's MGK diss track, "Kill Shot".

But those people were NOT flipping the bird at Eminem. 

In fact, when MGK did "Rap Devil", the crowd booed him through the entire song.  (Here's a video, WARNING it's UNCENSORED!)

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