Roseanne Will Be Killed Off With an Opioid Overdose

ROSEANNE BARR has given so many interviews about "The Conners" and the fall-out from her racist Tweet that it seems like she's doing a full-on promotional blitz for the show.

In a new interview she revealed how Roseanne will die:  By an OPIOID OVERDOSE.

Roseanne said that it was her idea to have the character struggle with a drug addiction, but of course she never intended on her DYING, and she doesn't like it.

Quote, "It's so cynical and horrible.  She should've died as a hero, if they really wanted to kill me off.  Or not [died] at all . . . They went far beyond just firing me."

She also accused the show of trying to push her out BEFORE the Tweet, and she suggested that the realization that she was losing control of her show MIGHT have had "something to do with her blowing it all up in that Tweet."  She said, quote, "I was so angry, and I was so unsettled."  

(That seems like Excuse #154.)

(Here's the video.  There's UNCENSORED language in the interview, which is over an hour long.  The part about "Roseanne" begins at the 43:00 mark, and the quote about it being cynical is at the 53:30 mark.)

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