How a Selfie Saved a Woman's Life | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

If someone catches you snapping multiple photos and trying to take a "perfect" selfie, prepare to be mocked for it.  But in this case, it saved a woman's life.

63-year-old Juanita Branch was trying to take a selfie for Facebook at her home in Michigan last month.  But she couldn't get a good one.  And it seemed like they were just getting worse and worse.

Then she realized it was because she'd just had a STROKE.

She noticed that one side of her face was drooping more and more in each photo.  And she'd already had a stroke in 2016.  So she knew the symptoms and got help.

By the time paramedics got there, she was slurring her words.  And if she'd waited any longer, she might have died.

Then once they got her to a hospital, doctors used timestamps on the selfies to figure out when the stroke happened.  And because of that, they were able to give her a drug that breaks up clots.

If you take it more than three hours after a stroke, it can KILL you.  But because of the selfies, they knew it hadn't been three hours yet.  And she's already out of the hospital.

She told a local reporter that she'll never make fun of anyone for taking too many selfies again, because it literally saved her life. 

(NY Post)

(Here's one of her selfies.)

Stroke Selfie

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