Woman's Prank On Her Husband Comes True

About a month ago, a 28-year-old woman in England named Charlotte Peart told her husband Daniel that she hit the lottery for over $300,000.  Then she laughed at him when he realized it was just a prank.

Apparently they pull pranks on each other a lot.  And this time, he fell for it.

Then early last week, she called him at work and claimed she'd won an even BIGGER jackpot.

It sounds like he was sick of it at that point.  Because he passed the phone off to someone else to let her screw with them.

But then she sent him a screenshot that showed they really HAD hit the lottery for a MILLION POUNDS . . . or just under $1.3 million.

They claimed their prize last Tuesday.  They're planning to use a large chunk of the money to buy a bigger house.  And their three kids are pumped, because they finally get to have their own bedrooms. 

(Sky News)

(Here they are with their giant check.)

Lottery Prank

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