Nurse Realized a New Doctor Was a Baby She Cared For

Not only is this story amazing, but it's amazing anyone has this good of a memory.  54-year-old Vilma Wong is a nurse at a children's hospital near San Francisco.  And last month, she recognized a new doctor's name when she saw his ID badge. 

28-year-old Brandon Seminatore is a new resident at the hospital.  He's studying to be a childhood neurologist.   

And Vilma knew his name, because he was one of her patients almost THREE DECADES ago.

Brandon was born about two months premature at the same hospital back in 1990.  He only weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces, and spent 40 days in intensive care.

And even though Vilma's seen thousands of patients since then, she still recognized his last name, and even remembered his dad was a cop.

Brandon's parents actually told him to be on the lookout for her, because she was their favorite nurse.  But she found him first.  Then after they met, he texted his parents about it, and his dad sent back a photo of her holding him as a baby.

Vilma says it's pretty crazy how it all came full circle, and that getting to work with someone she helped save is the "best reward a nurse could get." 


 (Check out the then-and-now photos.)

Nurse and Doctor 28 Years Ago
Nurse and Doctor Now

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