"Cosby" Actor Geoffrey Owens Gets Job Shamed

Remember "Cosby Show" actor GEOFFREY OWENS, the guy who played Sondra Huxtable's husband Elvin?  He hit up "Good Morning America" to talk about being "job shamed", as the media has been calling it. 

And he wore his Trader Joe's nametag.  

(Here's video.)

He quit that job, though, because he started getting too much attention after that picture of him working there went viral.

But he DID enjoy the attention he got from his friends, his family, the Hollywood community, and the general public, who gave him props for working an honest job.

Geoffrey said he hopes his story will make people rethink what it means to work . . . quote, "There is no job that is better than another job.  It might pay better.  It might have better benefits.  It might look better on a résumé and a paper.

"But actually, it's not better.  Every job is worthwhile and valuable . . . No one has to feel sorry for me.  I'm doing fine." 

(He might be doing even better soon, because Tyler Perry just offered him work.)

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