Eminem Dropped a Surprise Album | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

EMINEM dropped a surprise new album on Friday.  It's called "Kamikaze", and it rips on everyone from Draketo President Trump and Harvey Weinstein.  

(Here's a round-up of most of the disses, and more here.)

But there's also a lot of backlash over a track called "Fall", because it includes an anti-gay slur aimed at Tyler, the Creator, who's implied he's gay in some of his own song lyrics.  (Eminem used the long, six-letter version of the F-SLUR.)

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons already criticized him for it on Twitter, saying it's, quote, "never okay to say a word that's filled with hate . . . regardless of what year you were born in."  And "if it contributes to hate and bigotry then it is hateful.  Period."

Justin Vernon from Bon Iver collaborated with Eminem on the album . . . and also spoke out about the line, saying he wasn't in the studio when they recorded it . . . but he tried to get him to change it . . . and Eminem refused.

Despite all the controversy, the album's already heading up the charts.  It's on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms now.  And CDs start shipping in about a month.

By the way, there's also a track called "Not Alike", where he rips on Machine Gun Kelly.  And Kelly has ALREADY respondedwith a new diss track called "Rap Devil".  

(Warning!!!  There's PROFANITY in the song.  But he goes after Eminem hard.)

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