Is "The Big Bang Theory" Ending Because Jim Parsons

It was a little shocking that CBS decided to bring "The Big Bang Theory" to an end . . . because no matter how expensive it was to pay the cast, it's still a highly-rated show.  But now, it's starting to make sense.

"Entertainment Weekly" says that JIM PARSONS wanted out . . . and the producers decided there wasn't a show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

There's no word why he wanted out, but the upcoming season will be his 12TH YEAR doing the show . . . so he may have just wanted to do something different.

It reportedly did NOT have to do with money.  He's making $1 million-plus an episode . . . and the two-season renewal that CBS was trying to negotiate could've paid him more than $50 million.

That's why CBS said that the show would be brought to an end for "creative reasons."  They didn't want to try to do it without him.

Jim did post a long message on Instagram.  He didn't address wanting to leave . . . but he said he was grateful to the cast, crew, writers, and fans of the show.  

(Swipe right to read his entire message.)

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