"The Big Bang Theory" Is Coming to an End | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

There was talk that "The Big Bang Theory" might continue for two to three more seasons . . . but that's not going to be the case.

Yesterday, CBS announced that the upcoming 12th season will be the last one . . . meaning that the SERIES finale will air next May.  They're promising that it will bring the show to a, quote, "epic creative close."

Eleven seasons in, "The Big Bang Theory" is still one of the biggest shows on TV. 

Last year, Season 11 averaged 18.9 million viewers, which is still huge.

And so, that basically means that it will have a big, sad, fanfare-filled goodbye in May . . . and then two weeks later, Netflix will bring it back for a 13th season.  That's just a guess, but would anyone put money on it NOT coming back?

(If you care, Kaley Cuoco is "drowning in tears" over this decision.)

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