A Cop Breastfed a Malnourished Baby | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

There's a cop in Argentina named Celeste Ayala who also works part-time as a security guard.  And there's a photo of her making the rounds online because of something she did last Tuesday.

She was working security at a children's hospital in Buenos Aires when someone brought in a severely malnourished baby.  And when she heard him crying, she knew he was hungry.

So she asked the doctors if SHE could breastfeed him.

She recently had a baby herself, and she's still nursing.  So she sat down in a chair with him.  And a photo of it has now been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook.

She told a local newspaper that it "broke [her] soul" when she saw him.  Apparently he was pretty dirty and SMELLY when they brought him in.  So he'd obviously been neglected.  But that didn't even faze her.  She just wanted to help.

So obviously Celeste is being praised online for it, but she's also been REWARDED at work for her effort.  After the story went viral, she got promoted to sergeant. 

(NY Post / Facebook)

(Here's the photo.)

Breastfeeding Cop Celeste Ayala

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