Natalie and Tootie Went to Mrs. Garrett's Memorial

I don't know why, but this just warms the cockles of my '80s-loving heart:  Natalie and Tootie laid Mrs. Garrett to rest on Sunday, and then made a whole day of it.

"Facts of Life" stars MINDY COHN and KIM FIELDS attended a memorial service for CHARLOTTE RAE.  They even joked about their own "Facts of Life" reboot, called "Women in Black".

After that, Kim brought Mindy as a surprise guest to a birthday party for actress YVETTE NICOLE BROWN . . . who was STOKED to see her.

Mindy even posted a picture of herself and Kim together, and wrote, "Love you sis . . . couldn't have gotten through today without you" on it.  (Check it out here.)

There's no word if LISA WHELCHEL or NANCY MCKEON were there, and it would sure be cooler if they were.  But somehow, Natalie and Tootie really are enough.

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