A Dog with Cancer Goes Viral with Bucket List | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

An animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia has been taking care of a 10-year-old dog named Smoke that has terminal cancer.  Obviously not many people want to adopt a dying dog.  So he's been there a while.

But they recently decided to make sure his last few months would be good ones by creating a BUCKET LIST for him.

Last Thursday, they took him to Nationals Park, where the Washington Nationals play.  And they let him run around on the field.  Plus he got ice cream.

Some cops also took him on a ride-along.  So he got a good car ride in.  And they gave him a donut.  (Way to perpetuate the donut stereotype, cops.)

But the best news is the shelter just got to check off the BIGGEST item on his bucket list . . . by finding him a FOREVER HOME.

 A family that's cared for senior dogs before decided to adopt him.  And they're going to show him as much love as they can by CONTINUING to check stuff off his list.

His next plans include a birthday party . . . a trip to the beach . . . breakfast in bed . . . a camping trip . . . and a chance to jump around in a huge pile of leaves. 

(WTOP / People)

(Here are some photos of Smoke.)

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