Walmart Worker Does Nails for Woman with Cerebral Palsy

There's a nail salon inside a Walmart in Flint, Michigan.  And last Thursday, one of the salon workers said they couldn't do a woman's nails, because she has cerebral palsy.

The woman's name is Angela Peters.  Her hands tend to shake a little bit.  And they basically said it was impossible to do her nails because of it.

But a Walmart worker named Ebony Harris saw it happen.  And after she watched them turn Angela down, she stepped in and said SHE'D do her nails.

They went and picked out a color.  Then Ebony skipped her break to sit down with her.  And now a photo of her doing her nails is making the rounds on social media.

Ebony says Angela did shake a bit, which made it a little harder.  But it wasn't a big deal.  And her nails turned out great.

The two of them also had a great conversation.  And they're already planning a dinner together soon. 


(Here's the photo.)

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