Small Grocery Gesture Turns Into Great Story | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

A dad in Baton Rouge was at a grocery store on Sunday with his 17-year-old son, who's autistic and doesn't love being out in public.  Then a 20-year-old employee did something most people would THINK was just a small gesture.

The employee's name is Jordan Taylor.  And when he noticed the kid watching him stock the shelves, he could tell he wanted to help.  So he asked him to.

Then for 30 minutes, he showed the kid how to do it, and was really patient with him.  And it turns out that was a VERY big deal for the kid.  And for his dad who got it all on video.  In the footage, you even hear the dad say it's like watching a "miracle."

The kid's older sister posted two videos of it on Facebook.  And they've already been watched hundreds of thousands of times.  But the story doesn't end there . . .

In the second video, the dad asks Jordan where he goes to school.  And he says he finished high school two years ago, but hasn't been able to start college yet.

So the sister started a GoFundMe page to help him with tuition.  And in the first day, people donated over 50 GRAND.  (Last we checked, it was up over $90,000.)

She and her mom are both special education teachers.  And now she's hoping Jordan thinks about pursuing it too.  She says he obviously has a gift for it. 


(Here are the videos.)

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