Olive Garden Make-Up | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

It's a good thing I'm not a woman, because I'd want this since I love the Olive Garden so much haha!

Olive Garden tweeted out a photo announcing their own MAKE-UP line on Tuesday, where each color is inspired by a popular menu item or ingredient.  Then die-hard fans were CRUSHED to find out it was just a joke.

The photo showed a make-up kit with bronzer, blush, and six different shades of eye shadow.  And they all had names like "Breadstick bronzer" . . . "Marinara Rouge" . . . "Royal Ravioli" . . . and "Spaghetti Sparkle."

Someone immediately tweeted at them asking if it was real or not.  And they responded by saying, "It NEEDS to be."  So no, at this point it's not real.  But would people buy it if it was?  The obvious answer is . . . of course they would.

Plenty of people loved the idea.  One person said they should also make each one SMELL like the food.  And whoever runs Olive Garden's twitter handle loved the idea.  

Other people had the opposite reaction though, including one person who wrote, "We just want breadsticks." 

(Teen Vogue / Mashable)

(Here's the photo.)

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