Share the Plot of Your Favorite Movie in Five Words

Yesterday, the Twitter account of the Motion Picture Academy asked followers to describe the plot of their favorite movie using only five words.  And some of the responses were pretty great.

For my money, the gold medal winner was this description of "Titanic":  WOMAN WILL NOT SHARE DOOR.  (LOL!)

Here are a few others:

"The Sound of Music":  Misfit Nun enchants Grumpy Widow.

"Rocky 4":  Philadelphia boxer ends Cold War.

"The Empire Strikes Back":  Estranged father severs son's hand.

"Happy Gilmore":  Ice hockey failure, golf legend.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER even jumped in, with descriptions of TWO of his movies:  "Machine sent back to kill" and "Machine sent back to SAVE."  Obviously, that's "Terminator" and "Terminator 2".

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