Chipotle Had to Shut Down After Customers Got Sick

Here we go again... a Chipotle near Columbus, Ohio had to shut down yesterday after a bunch of customers reported symptoms like fevers, diarrhea, and vomiting.  

Just last week, a health inspector discovered they weren't storing their lettuce and beans at the right temperature.  So it sounds like food poisoning is the #1 suspect.

Chipotle's stock fell about 3% after news hit yesterday.  And the bad press also comes just in time to mess with today's FREE GUACAMOLE promo they're running for National Avocado Day.

The restaurant was hoping to reopen today pending approval by the health department.  And it looks like it's an isolated incident.  No other locations are affected so far.

So if a free dollop of guacamole is worth the risk, you can get it with any entrée today.  You just have to order online, and use the coupon code "AVOCADO". 

(CNBC / / People)

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