People Are Petitioning Netflix to Cancel "Insatiable"

Netflix is taking heat for an upcoming show called "Insatiable", which people are accusing of FAT-SHAMING.

The show isn't scheduled to hit Netflix until August 10th, but when the trailer was released last week, it REALLY rubbed people the wrong way.

It's a satirical show about a "fat" high school girl named Patty, who's bullied for her weight.  But then one day, a man assaults her, and as part of her recovery she has her jaw wired shut.

The incident causes her to lose a lot of weight . . . and shortly after she starts exacting revenge on the bullies who tormented her.  She says, quote, "Now I can be the 'former fatty' who turned into a brain or an athlete or a princess . . . [but] no, I'd rather have revenge!"

More than 125,000 people have signed a petition calling for them to CANCEL the show . . . because, quote, "This series will cause eating disorders, and perpetuate the further objectification of women's bodies."

(Here's the Trailer, Warning for LANGUAGE)

Netflix hasn't commented, but the people behind the show have tried to ease these concerns.

Alyssa Milano has a supporting role on the show, and last week, she Tweeted, quote, "We're not shaming Patty.  We are addressing, through comedy, the damage that occurs from fat shaming.  I hope that clears it up."  Apparently, it DIDN'T.

(And here's what Debby Ryan had to say.  She plays Patty.) 

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