Teenager Put Uplifting Notes on a Bridge to Stop People from Jumping

There's a bridge in northern England called Sunderland Bridge.  And unfortunately, it's a hot spot for suicides.  But check this out . . .

An 18-year-old college student named Paige Hunter recently came up with an idea, and attached more than 40 UPLIFTING NOTES to the side of the bridge.

They say things like, "You're not alone," and "Even though things are difficult, your life matters."

And now the local police force has given her a commendation for it, because they say the notes have already helped save the lives of at least SIX PEOPLE.

Paige says she wasn't trying to get attention for it or win an award.  She was just trying to help people.  But she's amazed at the response it's gotten.

(Fox News)

(Here's a photo of Paige, and one of her notes.)

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