Cardi B Doesn't Want a Nanny | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

CARDI B has only been a mom for a week, and she says that no matter how many books you read, nothing can prepare you for "mommy mode."  But she still wants to do as much as she can on her own.

In a video update, she says, quote, "I have not gotten a nanny yet.  I just want to learn to be a mom, and I want to enjoy every single second of it."

Obviously, she's going back to work eventually, so it's possible that she hires someone down the road . . . but for now she says she's getting plenty of help from her sister and her mother, who "haven't left her side."

She says she's been "blessed since birth" because she has such great parents, and it sounds like that's why she wants to be a hands-on parent too.  She doesn't show herself in the video . . . you just see her hand holding a toy monkey, and she's pretending it's doing the talking. 

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