Service Dog Saves Newborn Kittens | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

There's a 30-year-old woman in Georgia named Whitney Braley who's confined to a wheelchair.  So she has a service dog . . . a three-year-old, female husky named Banner.

Earlier this month, Banner was acting really weird all day, and started tugging on Whitney's dress outside their home in Menlo, about 90 miles northwest of Atlanta.

Then she started leading Whitney into the woods.  And when Whitney finally caught up, she found Banner circling a cardboard box . . . with seven newborn KITTENS inside.

Apparently some jerk had abandoned them, and just left them there to die.  But Banner found them in time, and all seven kittens survived.

Whitney isn't sure how Banner even knew they were there, because they weren't making any noise.  But when she opened the box, Banner shoved her head in and gently picked one of them up in her MOUTH without hurting it.

Now she won't leave them alone, treats them like they're her puppies, and even sleeps with them.

Whitney posted some pictures online, and said she's taking care of them until they get a little older.  Then she'll make sure they all get adopted.  It's not clear if she's planning to keep any of them around for Banner or not. 

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(Here are the photos.)

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