Taylor Swift Got Stuck During Her Show | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

TAYLOR SWIFT got stuck on a malfunctioning gondola stage prop during a show in Philadelphia on Saturday. 

There's a part of her show where she basically flies over the crowd to a secondary stage and performs a few songs.

But this time, the gondola would only go up and down a bit . . . it wouldn't actually transport her.  So, she was lowered back to the main stage, and stopped the show to ask the crew what she should do.

She asked if there was a way for her to walk to the other stage, rather than fly . . . and wasn't getting a response.  While she was waiting, she led the crowd in 'a cappella' versions of a few tracks, like "Our Song".

Eventually, they had her take a second gondola on the other side of the stage to a different stage in the crowd.  The rest of the show apparently went okay.

(We have videos, but there's a lot of crowd noise, so there may be PROFANITY.  Be careful.  Here's video of her realizing she's stuck . . . here's her SAYING it . . . and here's her explaining the situation to the fans.)

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