Deeatra Kajfosz: Kapco Difference Maker - June

97-3 NOW & Kapco congratulates Deeatra Kajfosz!


Deeatra Kajfosz is the Founder of the LiFE OF HOPE organization, responsible for a comprehensive approach to the prevention of suicide attempt and death. 

Why? Because, with a documented history of mental instability, denial became her key to survival. Outward appearances gave a reflection of confidence, self-control, and service to others. Then, in January of 2001, four days after attempting to end her life, the twenty-seven year old mother of two wrote, “When you start the New Year the way I have, there seems to be nowhere to go but up. Never would I have imagined finding myself at this juncture. I’m without an answer to one question; at what point did I begin to lose touch with myself in such a way that I could consider death a suitable solution?”

Today, Deeatra dedicates her life to raising awareness, providing education, and supporting others affected by suicide ideation, attempt, and loss. In January, 2015, she founded and serves as the Executive Director for LiFE OF HOPE, a nonprofit who's mission it is to reduce the number of suicide attempts, thereby leading to a natural reduction in the lives lost to, and affected by, suicide. The organization has connected with more than 5,000 individuals in only three and a half short years. Of those, 75+ guests (age 9-70) have come to LiFE OF HOPE in some level of suicide ideation/crisis. To date, she and her team have not lost a single one to suicide. It is through her own LiFE-journey, the lived experiences of others on the team, and countless hours of training and research that LiFE OF HOPE programs connect guests to a message of HOPE and healing through peer connection. Deeatra's is an extraordinary tribute to the gift of adversity, the power to rise above it, and the ability to share a LiFE-saving message of HOPE with others. To further support the LiFE OF HOPE mission, she will be donating her 97.3 NOW Kapco Difference Maker $500 award to help keep the doors open and programs available to the community. 

Every month, Jim Kacmarcik from Kapco joins us to award one person, cause or charity that's making a difference in our community with "The 97-3 NOW Difference Maker Award". Just like Deeatra, each month, we'll highlight the winner, and they'll receive $500! We're looking for people who are working hard to make a better life for others.  CLICK HERE to nominate someone now!

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