A Guy Put a Six-Year-Old McDonald's Cheeseburger and Fries on eBay

There's a guy named Dave Alexander who lives in Staffa, Ontario, Canada.  And a few days ago, he put a six-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger and fries up on eBay.

And from the pictures . . . it doesn't look like they've aged THAT much from when he bought them.  Especially since he put a homemade burger and fries on the shelf next to them five years ago, and those are covered in mold and look ancient.

So . . . why did Dave have the burger sitting around?  He says back in 2012, his daughter got him the burger and fries, and he didn't want to eat them, so he decided to leave them out as an experiment.  But now he's moving, so it's time to sell.

Unfortunately for him, eBay shut him down on a technicality on Friday.  They say the auction violated their food policy which says food must have, quote, "a clearly marked expiration or use-by date."

And it's a shame.  Dave's McDonald's meal was up to over $110 when eBay pulled it down. 


(Here are pics of the McDonald's, and the homemade meal for comparison.)

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