Anthony Bourdain's Will

ANTHONY BOURDAIN's will was filed yesterday, and if it's all on the level, he was only worth $1.21 million.  

That includes $425,000 in savings and cash, $250,000 in personal property, and $500,000 in, quote, "intangible property including royalties and residuals."

He left almost all of it to his 11-year-old daughter Ariane.  The executor of the will is Ottavia Busia . . . Ariane's mother and Anthony's estranged wife.  They split in 2016, but never officially divorced.

Bourdain left Ottavia his, quote, "personal and household effects," including cars and frequent flier miles, to divvy up however she thinks he would have wanted her to.

He also had a $1 million mortgage on an unspecified property . . . which may be an apartment that Ottavia and Ariane were living in.  Interestingly enough, if Ariane had died before Anthony, his money would have gone to her NANNY.  


(In an article last year, Anthony said he didn't have as much money as people thought he would because, quote, "I don't deprive myself simple pleasures.  I'm not a haggler.  There's not enough time in the world.")

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